YS Charity Foundation is a new establishment that had been opened for only 2 years but was already caring for over 30+ individuals. One of the meaningful mission of YS Charity is enables families to maintain a degree of normal life while one of their family members is in under their care, were they are not capable of nursing them 24/7. But basically, they are without any family member. In YS Charity the admitters at this center were diagnosed with various mental disorders: ADHD, autism, depression, and Down syndrome, etc.  Our mission of this charity event is to help them to gather at least 6 to 12 months of daily supplies and donation in terms financial support to sustain from the expenses such as medical fee, house rental, etc.

For this meaningful charity event, there is about seventeen staff members took time off from their Saturday to visit the home to hand over daily supplier, spoke to the person in-charge, volunteers as well to have better understand their situation and needs. Children and old folks are pleasured with our presence and gentleness.